Spring 2017 – A word from the President:


My name is Leslie Morelock-Roye. It is with much enthusiasm that I extend an invitation for you to join the Arkansas Angus Auxiliary. Our goal is to support not only our Arkansas Angus Association, but also give much support to our juniors. Each year we will award a scholarship to two graduating seniors. This will be presented to one girl and one boy beginning the first year in their undergraduate program. We also have endowed scholarships, through the Angus Foundation, which are presented each year to juniors at the National Junior Angus Show. We have had many Arkansas juniors receive these scholarships. Our Auxiliary also encourages any girl, over the age of 16, who would be interested in serving as Miss Arkansas Angus, to please fill out an application. Miss Arkansas Angus represents our state association by organizing and passing out awards at various shows across the state, including State Fair. She also would be invited to attend the Queen’s Luncheon at the National Junior Angus Show. While attending the NJAS, she would also assist Miss American Angus during the show. For more information, or an application, please contact Leslie Morelock-Roye at hailey5@cox.net.

If you want to read more about the American Angus Auxiliary, or if you wish to join, you can log on to www.angusauxiliary.com.

Leslie Morelock-Roye, Arkansas Angus Auxiliary President


The Arkansas Angus Auxiliary is an organization for people interested in the welfare of the Angus breed. The Auxiliary is organized for educational, promotional, social and other purposes appropriate to this organization. Many of the Arkansas Auxiliary members are also active in the American Angus Auxiliary, who provide many educational activities for Junior Angus members, such as the scholarship program and award competitions including the Certified Angus Beef ® Cook-Off, Silver Pitcher, Crystal and Achievement Awards, etc. If you would like to join this group who support the Angus breed, please join today!


President: Leslie Roye                                    479.466.2322    hailey5@cox.net

Vice President: Sheri Tunstill                      479.200.7622    blkangusar@aol.com

Secretary: Patty LaCour                                  870.654.5252    patty.lacour@tyson.com

Treasurer: Charlene Lewis                             870.552.7682

Membership Director: Michelle Rieff      479.936.1685     michellerieff@aol.com


Membership dues are $10 annually. Please send to:

Charlene Lewis

621 N. Center, Carlisle, AR 72024

Download membership application


The Arkansas Angus Auxiliary supports juniors in many areas. Our primary interest has been in the education of our youth. The Auxiliary awards up to two scholarships to high school seniors selected from the American Angus Auxiliary scholarship selection process. In addition, we have endowed a scholarship through the Angus Foundation for an Arkansas Jr. Angus member that has completed at least year of college.

The Auxiliary sponsors the Miss Arkansas Angus contest. For more information on this contact Michelle Rieff.

For information about scholarships check out the American Angus Auxiliary website for the application. The application is due to the state scholarship chairman post marked April 20th.

Mail applications to:

Arkansas Angus Scholarship Chairperson

1516 W. Cedar St.

Fayetteville, AR 72703

Download Miss Arkansas Angus Application